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Fog Woven Film

Fog Woven Film

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Easily control light and privacy with Artscape's Woven Privacy Film. This transparent textile offers daytime privacy by allowing you to see out while keeping others from seeing in. It effectively blocks out a portion of the sun's heat, making it perfect for windows exposed to intense sunlight.

- Size : 23.5" x 41.5"
- Self-adhesive application for easy installation
- Removability and repositionability for
   hassle-free adjustments
- Crafted from 100% Recycled PET
- Customizable sizing to fit any window
   shape or size
- Includes a utility knife for convenient
- See how easy it is to install here


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Easy Apply
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Privacy Level

This item offers a privacy level of High. The possible options are High, Medium, or Low.

This privacy slider creates a visual for the expected privacy level of a film with items set at 3 feet of distance away. Films in the collection range from a low to medium privacy up to fully opaque high privacy designs

A woman dressed in a black blouse and striped skirt, lifting a large paper drawing from a desk to examine the artwork beneath it.

EST. 1995

A vision realized.

Nearly three decades of crafting thoughtful window films in Portland, Oregon.

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