Application Instructions

Tools for applying window film.

Tools Needed

Spray Bottle
Liquid Soap
Paper Towels
Window Cleaner
Measuring Tape
Sharp Utility Knife
Straight Edge

View of hand using paper towel to to clean window with soap.


Clean Glass

Thoroughly clean window using a razor blade if necessary. Artscape films will adhere to a clean smooth glass or plexiglass surface. The film will not adhere to frosted or textured glass or walls.

View of hand using a utility knife to cut window film that is layed out on a cutting mat.


Measure Window + Trim Film

It is necessary that a 1/16” gap exists between the film edges and the window frame (inside the gasket). Mark and trim directly on the film while on paper backing using a straight edge and sharp utility knife. For odd shaped windows make a paper pattern then trace and cut.

View of persons hand spraying lower pane of window with soapy water.


Wet Glass

Add a couple drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle with warm water and saturate window. Applying generous amounts of the soapy solution will make the installation process easier and more successful. Take care to not get the paper backing wet while on the film.

Hands removing paper backing from a sheet of white window film.


Remove Backing

Remove film from the paper backing starting in the corner. Protect the film from any debris. If film comes in contact with itself, carefully separate.

Hand smoothing window film down over window.


Apply film + spray film

Place the shiny smooth side of the film that was facing paper backing onto the well saturated glass and position. Spray the outside of the film with the same soapy water solution.

Hand holding sqeegee over window film to remove bubbles.



Starting from the center, use a squeegee to move out all air bubbles and water. If any bubbles remain, rub out to the nearest edge with a paper towel.

Tiling Films

Artscape can easily be cut or tiled together to fit any size window. The pattern repeats left to right and top to bottom on the factory edges. Each sheet is one repeat.

Thoughtfully Designed

  • Non-Adhesive


    Our Window Films do not use any adhesives. No sticky residue and easy to remove
  • Easy Apply

    Easy Apply

    Simply use a mixture of soap and water to apply. The product easily slides into place with room to adjust as needed.
  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    Our films provide up to 90% protection from UV rays, depending on the image.
  • Repeat Pattern

    Repeat Pattern

    Our films are designed in house to repeat in all directions when using the factory edge to tile.
  • Textured


    Our films are printed with inks that have a raised textural and glass like appearance

  • Phthalate Free


    Our films are free of phthalate chemical compounds
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