The Art and Craft of Window Films

The Art and Craft of Window Films

At Artscape, we combine art and craftsmanship to create unique window films. Our designers hand-render each piece, paying close attention to color, texture, pattern, and depth. This process ensures that every film is a distinctive work of art, exclusive to the Artscape brand.

Our designs draw inspiration from the works of artists like Louis Comfort Tiffany and William Morris. Tiffany, an American artist and designer, was known for his stained glass work and his contributions to the Art Nouveau movement. Morris, an English textile designer, poet, and novelist, played a pivotal role in reviving traditional British textile arts. Both artists had a significant impact on decorative arts and design. Our approach combines some of their traditional techniques with contemporary innovation to create authentic stained glass and fine art expressions in every window film.

Aiming for authenticity in our stained-glass-inspired pieces, we photograph real stained glass to capture the colors of the original. Our extensive collection of  stained glass is digitized to build our color designs. With hundreds of images, we strive to replicate their beauty. This attention to detail helps us capture the essence of stained glass artistry, weaving it into our unique pieces to generate a similar allure.

Looking closely at the sparkle and texture of vintage privacy glass, we work to echo its design using our specially formulated inks. Each texture is drawn and built, showing intricate attention to the overall design—considering the designs within the greater designs.

Every stained glass window film is a work of art. Many designs include complex repeats of patterns that work horizontally and vertically for ease of application for different-sized windows and glass. We carefully consider the composition possibilities of a 24" x 36" space to give our customers something distinct. This approach makes Artscape unique from its competitors.

In addition to Louis Comfort Tiffany and William Morris, our window films are influenced by the dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, including the Oregon coast, Painted Hills, and Mount Hood National Park. This region's beauty helps infuse our designs with the patterns and textures of flowers, leaves, shells, and stones. Also, it incorporates the colors of the changing seasons, which are all perfect fodder for what we love to see in our window films.

Each piece begins as a hand-drawn illustration, where true magic happens. Our designers put their expertise and dedication into every drawing, ensuring that every line, curve, and shade is suitable for window films. This dedication to the craft lays the foundation for a product that stands out in quality and beauty.

Once our hand-drawn designs are complete, they are transitioned into the digital realm. This step involves scanning and refining the illustrations to guarantee the final product represents the designer's original vision. Colors are fine-tuned, and textures are perfected to create stunning and functionally practical designs.

Collaboration is at the heart of our process. We work with US-based Oregon, California, and Michigan printers. This collaboration is instrumental in creating high-quality prototypes that preview the final product. Our printers' expertise guarantees every prototype reflects the intended design.

Quality and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Our films achieve the texture and character of real glass, a feature only possible using our proprietary printing process. We scrutinize every detail until we have achieved the correct color, clarity, and quality.

In addition to window films, our collaboration with US-based printers extends to producing our packaging. The packaging is designed to complement the aesthetic of our window films and provides an extra layer of protection.

Creating window films is a balanced blend of art and technology, inspiration, and execution. This process transforms raw ideas into beautiful, functional pieces that bring privacy and beauty to any space. From the initial hand-drawn designs to the final product, each step showcases the artistry and skill that define our work.

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