An Introduction to Window Films

An Introduction to Window Films

Are you looking for a way to add privacy to your windows without sacrificing natural light? Have you heard about window films but need clarification on what they are and how they work? You may wonder if they're easy to apply or withstand in a humid environment like a shower stall. With our guidance, explore the limitless potential of window films.

What Are Window Films?

Window films are your home's best-kept secret. These thin, self-adhesive vinyl sheets are like magic for your windows. Made from phthalate-free nylon, they're easy to apply and offer a range of benefits. All Artscape window films are proudly made in the US, with design, printing, and packaging done in Portland, Oregon.

Benefits of Window Films

Privacy: Enjoy the luxury of privacy without sacrificing natural light. Our window films block the view from outside while still allowing plenty of light to filter through.
Decoration: Our window films, with many designs and patterns, can transform any space into a work of art. Whether you prefer a classic stained glass look or a modern, minimalist design, there's a window film to suit everyone's style. Plus, all Artscape window films look the same inside and out.
Up to 95% UV Protection: Our UV-blocking window films protect furniture and flooring from sun damage. Controlling the amount of light that enters a room also helps reduce glare.
Energy Efficiency: Keep your home comfortable year-round with window films that improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer through windows. Say goodbye to chilly drafts in the winter and stuffy rooms in the summer.

Non-Adhesive and Easy Application

Artscape window films feature a non-adhesive backing, making them easy to apply and remove. When it's time for a change, peel off the films and replace them with new ones.

How Long Do They Last?

Our window films last three to five years. If you want to change the design, Artscape films can be easily removed and reapplied.

Where Can Window Films Be Applied?

The possibilities are endless! From accent windows to shower doors, skylights to curio cabinets, window films can be applied to any window, anywhere. Even in automobiles!

Designed for Easy Tiling

Our films feature repeating patterns extending in all directions, making installation easy.

How to Install Window Films

Installing window films is a quick and easy DIY project that requires just a few simple tools and materials:

Clean the Window: Clean the window thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, or debris.
Measure and Cut the Film: Measure the window and cut the film to size, leaving an extra inch or two on each side.
Apply the Film: Peel the backing off the film and carefully apply it to the window, smoothing out any air bubbles.
Trim the Edges: Use a utility knife to trim any excess film from the edges of the window.
Enjoy Your New Window: After installing the film, relax and enjoy the added privacy, style, and comfort it brings to your space.

Window films are a versatile solution for enhancing any space. Whether you want to add privacy, style, or energy efficiency to your home, window films offer a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that delivers beautiful results. With phthalate-free options like those provided by Artscape, you can enhance your space with peace of mind, knowing that you're choosing a safe choice for your home.

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