A close-up detail image of the Windsor window film by Artscape, a classic and elegant floral design that looks like etched and textured glass.

Exclusive Lowe's Collection

Introducing our exclusive collection, crafted in collaboration with Lowe's, now available both in-store and online at

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Modern, elegant bathroom featuring half of a white porcelain bathtub, tiled floor, and a potted palm plant. The room includes a window with a black frame and wooden sill, topped with a curved arch, enhanced with Artscape's Old English window film for classic appeal and privacy.

Versatile Sizes

From sidelights to large windows, our films offer versatile and tileable options

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A drink in a glass placed on a book, which rests on a gold-colored metallic circular serving tray, set against a window with a rich, dark wood frame. The window is adorned with Artscape's Star Magnolia window film, a floral pattern that mimics stained glass, enhancing the room's aesthetic.

Vibrant Colors

Inspired by original stained glass designs, our colorful window films range from traditional to contemporary.

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