Woman inblack and white clothing holding up corner of window film with black and white design.

The Windsor Collection

Artscape is beginning to offer limited edition collections available exclusively through our website. Our curated collections of designs are released seasonally and are connected through specific themes, subjects, or narratives. 

Our debut "Windsor Collection" includes four new designs centered around celebrating the past through a modern lens. Ranging from 19th century privacy glass reproductions to decorative designs inspired by William Morris and chinoiserie drawings, this collection brings a touch of the classics into your personal home and decor.



Blossom, inspired by 18th Century Chinoiserie was hand drawn by an Artscape designer to create a delicate contemporary frosted etch and sparkling glass effect.



Windsor, reminicient of the iconic patterns and drawings of William Morris, translates into a subtle yet complex glass design. This original artwork has a contemporary yet timeless quality to it. 



Floret and Starburst are highly private films that are characterized by an antique aesthetic from the 1900’s with tremendous sparkle and dimension. Both are  smaller delicate motifs that will add texture and light while creating strong privacy. 

Floret and Florentine are inspired by real glass that harken back hundreds of years to the first privacy glass options and designs used. These create excellent privacy and offer a bit of history and classical design to the home.

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