Protecting The Birds this Earth Month and Beyond

Protecting The Birds this Earth Month and Beyond

As we settle into Earth Month, it’s crucial to not only consider larger environmental challenges but also to address the smaller, yet still important issues such as bird collisions with windows. This often-overlooked problem takes a heavy toll on bird populations each year, affecting both teeming skyscrapers and cozy mountain cabins.

But there is some bright news amidst the concern, and it comes in the form of our Bird's Eye View films. Every year, nearly a billion birds in the US alone meet their untimely end from window collisions. Our films are like a superhero cape for windows—they emit light in a way that birds can see, but us humans? Not so much. It's gives birds a positive warning to stay away. Our geometric lenses work their magic by bending UV light and making those windows way more visible to our feathered friends.

Our films have been on duty for over a decade, keeping bird deaths to a minimum. We’re proud to be leaders in privacy and decorative window film and even prouder to have developed Bird’s Eye View to help reduce birdstrikes. But don't just take our word for it—our customers are singing praises about the effectiveness of Bird's Eye View. And it’s music to our ears:


I'm so happy to have found these. I have floor to ceiling windows that face a 13,000 foot mountain. It's a beautiful view but it's reflection back onto the windows has caused the death of many birds over the years, from finches to doves. During certain seasons, at least one bird would fly full force into the window every day. It was horrible. Not anymore. These magic deflectors have really done the trick. And they are so simple to apply. I couldn't be happier. Seriously, thank you.

These are awesome. They look great, you can hang them as diamond shape or square. They are semi-transparent and look like cut glass. Best part? I have not seen any evidence of bird strikes on my 5 windows for a year.

This product is EXCELLENT. Fast and easy to apply, and no more bird attacks! While I can't be certain of the relative efficacy, birds used to attack all three panes, and haven’t been back. It has now been a couple of months.

Because of the height and location of our windows, we needed bird strike deterrents that could be placed inside. Most go on the outside and the ones that could be put inside looked like they should be in an 8 year old girl's room. If you need interior bird strike deterrents, these are a really great choice and look like they were made for adults.

We have huge, 2-story, floor-to-ceiling windows and I’ve been combating bird strikes for three years with a variety of unattractive methods. I bought Bird's Eye View Clear/Etched Window Deflector and am super happy with the results. Not a single strike and no heartbreaking bird deaths. These work.

As we raise our glasses (or reusable water bottles) to Earth Month, let's do our part in making a difference. With innovative solutions like Bird’s Eye View, we can be the change-makers for our flying friends and nurture a sweeter harmony with nature.

If you’re interested in reading more about the science behind Bird's Eye View films, check out this research report by Daniel Klem, Jr., Ph.D., D. Sc. Trust us, it's fascinating stuff. 

bird's eye view on bedroom windows

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