Our Exclusive Collaboration with Lowe’s: The Artscape Collection

Our Exclusive Collaboration with Lowe’s: The Artscape Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive collaboration with Lowe's: The Artscape Collection. This exciting partnership fuses creativity and premium materials to offer designs that are both stylish and functional.

From stained glass-inspired films to contemporary designs, the collection features a diverse range of options that can transform your windows and other glass surfaces. Whether you prefer the elegance of Victorian-era motifs, timeless botanicals, or the simplicity of mid-century designs, there's something for everyone.

Discover The Collection:

Stained Glass-Inspired Films: Designs that evoke the beauty of stained glass. Perfect for creating privacy and ambiance. A customer favorite is BotanicaLike all of our vibrantly colored films, Botanica was inspired by taking a close look at stained glass. We've woven in the complexities, textures, and values of real stained glass into the design. Botanica is a real statement piece that works well on glass doors and other window accents. 

Florals: Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our delicate floral patterns. These films provide a soft, natural touch that complements any room. Our Garden design, featuring hand-sketched flowers transferred onto the window film, is already a customer favorite.

Earth-Inspired: Connect with the natural world through rock and mineral-inspired textures and colors. This can bring a warm, organic feel to your home. Our Seaside design was drawn from our very first stained glass-inspired window film, "First Stained Glass."

Etched designs: Our Palm and Rice Paper patterns are ideal for bathrooms and entryways, allowing plenty of natural light while maintaining privacy. Enhance the tranquil, tropical vibe by pairing them with plants and deep green accents.

Mid-Century Motifs: Elevate your space with sleek, geometric patterns inspired by the mid-century era. Our Porto design brings a playful, modern aesthetic to any room.

Victorian Era: Bring historical elegance with our Victorian patterns that add sophistication and timelessness to accent windows. Our Clover Accent design was inspired by real stained glass for an authentic touch.

Textural Glass: For those who prefer a more subtle look, our Linen and Small Weave designs add both privacy and polish. 

Easy to apply and remove, Artscape films empower you to refresh your space as often as you like. Offering privacy, light filtration, and nuanced style, they are the perfect addition to any home.

Available In-Store and Online: You can find the exclusive Artscape Collection at your local Lowe's store or online at lowes.com. 

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