Artscape's Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Artscape's Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

In 2022, Artscape launched the below key initiatives to establish a structured approach to Group-wide ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues, integrating sustainability into our brand's strategy. Our actions demonstrate a belief that businesses can thrive while safeguarding our planet's future.

Here is how we’ve taking action over the last two years:

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We meticulously track our carbon footprint by analyzing shipment weight and distance traveled, enabling us to make informed decisions. By implementing efficient logistics and transportation strategies, we aim to continuously reduce emissions.

Local Roots, Global Impact

Artscape proudly partners with Premier Press in Portland, Oregon for our printing needs. This reduces shipping emissions and strengthens the local economy.

Embracing Renewable Energy

Artscape operates on 100% renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, promoting cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels.

Embellence Group's Shared Vision

Our commitment resonates harmoniously with the core values of Embellence Group. Together, we integrate environmental, social, and governance principles into the core of our operations, ensuring a holistic approach towards sustainability.

Transitioning to Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Artscape is on a quest to embrace sustainable alternatives in our products and packaging. Through the utilization of recyclable materials for packaging and the adoption of energy-efficient practices, we are steadfast in our mission to reduce our environmental footprint with each new product release.

Artscape's dedication to sustainability extends far beyond the realms of carbon reduction. It's a commitment to leave a lasting, positive legacy—one to inspire change and collective responsibility towards our planet.

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