Black and white image of man drawing on window film with pen.

Artscape History

Artscape was founded by Thomas Hicks in 1995 with the idea of creating privacy and art for the home all in one product. He created the window film category developing some of the first non adhesive films on the market. That was a feat in itself! The initial process to designing the artwork also was quite in depth. In the beginning each film was created through an artisan process which is still valued in the design process today.


Created during a time when the capabilities of digital technology were very different from what they are today, the hand of the maker was embraced as an integral part of the design process. Hand drawn details were added to the original artwork and the tiling of the films was perfected through cutting the artwork and then painstakingly drawing in the repeat. Today Artscape still values and embraces the artisan nature within the design process by starting with hand drawn artwork and eventually merging it with digital technology. 

A monochrome image of a middle-aged man in a rolled-up sleeves plaid shirt examining sheets of window film, with men in workshirts in the background, under fluorescent ceiling lighting.
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